The human body, sex, natural and harmonious planet

人体、性、自然和星球的和谐The human body, sex, natural and harmonious planet

——方宁摄影艺术解读之三The interpretation of Fine art photography of Fang Ning ( Part III ) 



The original body is a canvas, from the moment of birth, the mother provides the perfect foundation for the canvas. Over the years you add various strokes to the painting to reflect your life’s color and viobrance.Of course this kind of description is only a fantasy, the images on the body fade from young and beautiful to old and plain, and thus is the result of natural progression not bound by people’s desire.  


Therefore, some excellent photographer, especially women photographers, often want to use their body to paint something before they fade, to showcase the magic of the secret garden with the camera lens. some of those colorful paintings are pretty, while others are sad, or even use it as a way to show resentment over social or political reasons. When you look at those special paintings on Fang Ning’s body, what kind of words do you use to describe those unforgettable feelings? Can we try to understand me slowly through different layers?


First of course the human body as a blank canvas———- 


Naturally Fang Ning chose to use her body or part of the body.  But in the 19th century it was unthinkable for photographers. First all Victorian style photographs of human body has to do with fine art or pure scientific purpose, the specific part of human body were clearly labeled as « porn », it was a kind of voyeurism, a word being used fairly frequently by critics. Besides it was extremely impossible to imagine photographers will chose parts of human body as a visual aesthetic, they were only attracted by the whole human form. It was an undoutedly a popular view  at the time. Only after the 1920s, many photographers started to focus on the partial body form, but it was the partial human form as formalism, the focus is on line, shape, volume, abstract, which makes the body as building blocks for geometry. Or we can called it the blurred deformation part, and try to escape the boundaries of human body. This kind of tradition last until today, but it was extended by Fang Ning with her lens, the highly difficulty self expression of human body part is easily resolved by Fang Ning. Therefore the limitation of human body as canvas has become the reality stages for Fang Ning’s creativity. 


Now it’s about the topics of sex—- 


Once you dealt with the body form, you can not avoid the relationship between the hidden part and female sex organ. Almost everybody try to avoid the sensitive topic or use sumptous appearence to show the beautiful part, but Fang Ning chose the most sensitive part of the human body and illustrate in front of audiences—– Isn’t that a surprise?


It really feels difficult, but also an inexplicable excitement.


This makes me think about over 100 years ago,  body painting and human body photography are like a twin sisters, they mutually influence, add and promote. But since both use human body to present, the art of photography is so close to reality. One British nature photographer Emerson said over 100 years ago:  »  Photography with a terrible truth. » The factual nature of human body photography makes it really difficult to rid of the real person, real life’s restrictions, and also create a strong sexy bias, it is obvious easy for audience to lose normality. Compare with body painting, human body photographer on one hand is not easily accepted by females, and on the other hand it will be subject to censure by traditional values.

But people have seen the body in contemporary popular aesthetic is bound to make « sex » issue by the world’s attention. « Sex » in the contemporary focus of attention once again to become, this is indeed a matter of controversy in contemporary society of spectacle. But therefore the nature of exclusion of sex in beauty, it is proper. Basically, sex should be consistent with the beauty,  the beauty’s content is the same as in sex. The body aesthetic, the beauty to a great extent of a premeditated performance, but of the romantic, or that the shame of sex, mystery of illusion. Hence, the recognition of aestheticactivity in its rightful place, it is a major contemporary aesthetic and cultural achievements. However, the aesthetic space in the contemporary world continue to expand the process, I do not seem to see what a photographer can be like Fang Ning, as the lens so intently to face their own body parts, through a sexual attraction powerful impact that depict « sexual » in the evolution of life force was so superb, magnificent! Indeed, even in the contemporary photographer, those of the concept of impunity, human consciousness can no longer conceal the rebels, after all, small. Fang Ning of the practice and will have a different response values .



 The forces of nature’s turn debut –

Of course, sex is a powerful force, but how to sublimate, rather than showing naked? Thus, fantasy, and the emotional and troubled dreams to find in the construction of a natural position. Body can be given an incredible and wonderful properties, or in fictionalstyle into the mystery of existence. Fragments of the body may be a natural on stage dancing, or a voyage through the flowers of the jungle. Fang Ning here refused to bow to the laws of man and nature – such as focus, sense of perspective, time, rules, andhabits of feeling, and then a few strokes through the colorful, the contrast was great joy of power, graceful incomparable.


 In fact, the production of such an illusion, and carries a huge and complex changes. Early in the 19th century, the body deformation is done by some photography skills, or be modified with a brush. Such as Jenin, in his commercial photography and create room in the marine life, so that people feel fabulous beauty. Body painters like Petritsch  and Rudolf,  although rejected  the worship of the unconscious by surrealism , but still they use the deformation of the female as a subject of  worship. For them, the surface of the real world is to explore the landscape through the tiny, which reveals « a secret world, a new direction. » Them by way of painting directly on the body and then take a picture, completing such a cooperation. Their way through the painting fully integrated with the body and nature, so that the body had a double meaning: it is natural, but also human. At this time the body as broken walls, mottled paint, wires, screws, hinges and rusty pipe part – « a transformation of the place … and our culturally relevant. » Fang Ning, however ,this is not what she desires, her practice is actually so simple, but is so dexterity and wisdom . The early years of her painting techniques, extended to her body, especially her most sensitive body part, by a few strokes seemingly inadvertently applied, like the Mountain hills,  flowers and bushes, abstract, and such as heavy metal music beats, or simply stroking like the genre, the moment of the human soul is a strong desire to stimulate the same time, deeply hidden in the natural movement in the grand symphony, instant access to free, release of very strong the life impulse, yet polite to tell … …



Finally, on the planet (or world) of the hypothesis –

That day when I face these superb works of staggering, I was asked by Fang Ning: What do you see? I stammered to answer, saw the human body, the body part,  nature, and natural magic … … Fang Ning smiled and added: There are the world,carrying a full planet of the world! My mind is full of awe-inspiring surprise – is it not?  In fact, in  the beginning Fang Ning’s rounded buttocks depict the image of a green apple, hints of the color, flavor and taste, but also reminiscent of the temptation of Adam and Eve legend about Apple. This series is the most exciting one, although still a close-up of her rounded hips, but this time the mountains above the lush, lush,  mountain stream, vertical falls … … more importantly, the distance, lining them with black background of the hip, reminding us of scenes under the stars of a vast planet, inclusive of the whole world, to show the breadth of the human mother and tolerance. This is the most representation of Fang Ning’s works, it is difficult to find any words to describe accurately, it is the touchy feelings of the heart. 


 Eventually we want to return to the most sensitive topic of sexuality and pornography. I said long ago: To look at the Chinese photography of human body on the international front, it can be clearly found congenital defects and severe « hypoxia. » So far we have such as open source publications, film festivals and competitions have seen the human body photography, most only stay in the salon-style aesthetic state. A good body model, some of the precise lighting technology or the right natural light, with a skilled photographer, we can at least be able to mass produce the body photographs selected for the exhibition of photography. Every day I wonder how many professional photographers and photography enthusiasts are in the business of copy, mass production, in the sense of self very good condition for a « human body photography » writing, and less likely to have to face their own photographer create such a « shock » the wonderful make. From this point of view on today’s China human body photography, from the monotonous extent that people feel just a little boring. Fits the graceful, but stifled the body language of life. Stale delicate level, that sexy seductive power vanished. At this time I would like to boldly say: Art, sex and pronography does not have a big difference,  just to see if you can reach such a height as Fang Ning!



I believe, Fang Ning will continue to extend this finding, whether it is the direct physical description, or the spirit of dedication to the exploration of the human body photography is always shuttling between body and soul, constitute the attraction will never die . Her image of the display state, both private, and non-private, with a high degree of specificity, there is absolutely universal. Even being this kind of work may not be more accepted and understood by people, but its value is inestimable. I feel , there is a  « desperate » loneliness hidden in Fang Ning’s work – loneliness if it is due within, it is often due to extraordinary, beautiful people feeling vulnerable too lonely, too good people lonely hearts easily … … and her body on the side of the story rather, where perhaps only the beginning, however, such an extraordinary charm, one day people will get more recognition – the human body is beautiful, sex is not or missing, the forces of nature once the intervention, small hips will be an inclusive world of the planet … …